Tuesday, September 30, 2008

No One Does it Like You

Let's ignore the fact that last night's episode of Gossip Girl made me want to punch Serena in the face and spout random bits of advice from The Prince, at least for just a little bit.
Normally D&G is a little whatever, but I love this dress and think Blair would as well. Even the back is fantastic, with a little ruffle around the zipper.
Oh, and can Serena stop channeling Avril Lavigne with her school uniform?
C'mon Blair, throw a party, wear this dress, and have Nelly kill Poppy and leave her body in the town square so everyone knows who's boss. You know you want to.
(We can all thank European Civ. for that little bit of outrage.)
D&G dress, $1,150


Isabel said...

Its is better to be feared than loved?

Ally said...

Blair is my favorite Gossip Girl character and I felt so sad for her last night.