Saturday, January 31, 2009

"I Need My Sunnies"

Yo quiero.
Tom Ford Dahlia oversized sunglasses, $450
Chloe Abizzia cats eye sunglasses, $330

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

We Will Always Have the T-Shirts

Marky Ramone and Tommy Hilfiger are launching Rock Scene, a new clothing line. Let that soak in for a bit.
Apparently Tommy's brother and Marky used to be in a band together. Who knew Tommy Hilfiger's family could be so cool?
Rock Scene will have lots of leather (oh Stella from Project Runway, we remember you still) pants and jackets. There will also be CBGB themed t-shirts. The former punk rocker in my is so excited by this news, but I am afraid that I probably will not buy anything. I'm going through a bit of a romantic period with my clothes. I blame the vast amounts of Turner Classic Movies I've been watching.
via Fashionista and Marky's Myspace

A Late Night Epiphany

Christian Dior, Pre-Fall 2009

Kate Winslet, please wear this dress. It will look so good on you, especially with your blond hair. We know you got snubbed by the Oscars but you would look so good in this dress. You know how Rachel Zoe always has to go through the drama of the fashion dress or the best dressed list dress with her clients? This dress is a best dressed list dress but it will still make me jealous. Christian Dior

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

For When it is Cold

Girl #1: That's a cute dress. Are you going to wear it with leggings.
Girl #2: I don't own leggings.
Girl #1: Why not?
Girl #2: Because I'm not an asshole.
-Overheard in New York

Wear tights kids, it's not that hard. Plus if you go to American Apparel and you are the only one in the store and the guy working at the register is cute you could have a very wonderful day! Or not even realize he was flirting with you until 4 hours later because you are were far too busy trying to figure out what color tights to buy. American Apparel opaque pantyhose, $14

Monday, January 26, 2009

She's Such a Slut

As of 3 minutes ago I rediscovered my love for The Teenagers.

I little Monday treat for you all.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Loving Isn't Easy

The September Issue is set to air sometime this year on A&E and now Anna Wintour is going to be on 60 Minutes. All of this television exposure is no doubt a reaction to Elle's success. And it's making me extraordinarily happy!

Oh goodness, my local radio station is playing The Virgins. Way to finally jump on the bandwagon!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Who Loves You, Baby?

I've gotten a lot of hits from people wondering where Aretha's hat is from, Fashionista's got you covered.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

This is the Year We Have All Been Waiting For

image from The Cut

Fashion Icon: The Inauguration

Who would not be inspired by Michelle's dress or Aretha's hat?
It may be freezing out but add some merino wool tights and a nice jacket and this dress is inaugural perfection. Ports 1961 mock turtleneck dress, $695
You know, for the red states. Or not. It's warm and fabulous, what more could you want in a coat? Vintage Drape Coat, $188
Aretha's bow was bigger, and sparklier, but I think that would be a little much with this dress. Bow Beret, $38
Sensible slingbacks, but still a little glittery. Fun! $39.99

Friday, January 16, 2009

Fashion is Fun

I hope that you guys like the new banner, the other one was boring me and God knows that I hate being bored.
I got an e-mail from Net-A-Porter about these shoes and the crayola lover inside of me went a little nuts. The red and purple versions are my favorites. Suede heels are such a necessity. Miu Miu red sued pumps, $495

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Speaking of Pretty Blondes, Have You Seen Blake Lively's Vogue Photo Shoot?

The real real Barbie shoe; and this one doubles as a glass slipper for when you are having a Cinderella moment as well as a Barbie one (don't they coincide quite a lot?). ├ůsa Jungnelius via u.o.

Sunday, January 11, 2009


A friend of mine sent me a link to Supremefreak (The place for high fashion porn) and it reminded me of all the porny things that we love in life. Like spending an entire free block drooling in front of the computer screen as you zoom in on the Christian Louboutins on Net-A-Porter. Shoe porn, my friends. Or the pin up girl calendar that came with my Frnech Vogue. Seriously, what do I do with it? I would put it up in my room because the pictures are pretty, but seriously, I dont' know if I want to be the girl with a model dressed up as a sex scout on her wall. My mother suggested giving it to my brother, but I could never let those lovely little pictures go to THAT use. Then there's Bettie Page, who started out as a regular naughty girl and turned into a fashion icon. And what about Venus de Milo and American Apparel ads?
Oh sex and sexy things and beautiful women, will we ever get enough?

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Oh Oui!

I've been lazy, sorry mon cherie!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

If only I looked like Diane Von Furstenberg. Thanks Gawker.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Be My Love

2009 is my graduation year, which means so many wonderful things I can hardly comprehend it all. Especially since I've already gotten into college...
Graduation dresses:
When you look closer at this dress you can see that it's kind of a tuxedo dress. My mother hates it because of this, I love it. It's simple and nice. K by Karl Lagerfeld mini dress, $217.50
This one is actually my favorite, except it may or may not be wool. Which is a huge no no considering graduation is always outside and on the hottest day of June. But how lovely would this look with a big black sun hat and black peep toe pumps? Diesel dress, $200

This is totally inappropriate considering my height, but I keep on wearing dresses like this and getting compliments so maybe I'm onto something. I can't help but feeling like Natalie Portman in V for Vendetta when she dresses as a child prostitute though. Or like some demented Alice in Wonderland. I'm always told it's more Blair Waldorf than anything else though, perhaps it's my love for head bands. Fremont dress, $226

The front of this dress is rather boring, it's just a simple boat neck, but when I turn around BAM people will be amazed by more than my bottom. For once. I'm kidding, my legs are far better looking than my rear. This one might actually be my favorite. Rag & Bone open back dress, $500
Whoever decided to style this dress with black tights should be fired. I used to hate one shoulder anything but I got this vintage Oscar de la Renta dress that's basically the 90's answer to the toga and now they're starting to be all the more appealing. I'm going to have to look back on that sentence in 2 hours and see if it made any sentence. I apologize, I have yet to have my coffee. Whatever, this dress has pockets and it's not totally ugly. Shoshanna one shoulder dress, $320