Saturday, January 3, 2009

Be My Love

2009 is my graduation year, which means so many wonderful things I can hardly comprehend it all. Especially since I've already gotten into college...
Graduation dresses:
When you look closer at this dress you can see that it's kind of a tuxedo dress. My mother hates it because of this, I love it. It's simple and nice. K by Karl Lagerfeld mini dress, $217.50
This one is actually my favorite, except it may or may not be wool. Which is a huge no no considering graduation is always outside and on the hottest day of June. But how lovely would this look with a big black sun hat and black peep toe pumps? Diesel dress, $200

This is totally inappropriate considering my height, but I keep on wearing dresses like this and getting compliments so maybe I'm onto something. I can't help but feeling like Natalie Portman in V for Vendetta when she dresses as a child prostitute though. Or like some demented Alice in Wonderland. I'm always told it's more Blair Waldorf than anything else though, perhaps it's my love for head bands. Fremont dress, $226

The front of this dress is rather boring, it's just a simple boat neck, but when I turn around BAM people will be amazed by more than my bottom. For once. I'm kidding, my legs are far better looking than my rear. This one might actually be my favorite. Rag & Bone open back dress, $500
Whoever decided to style this dress with black tights should be fired. I used to hate one shoulder anything but I got this vintage Oscar de la Renta dress that's basically the 90's answer to the toga and now they're starting to be all the more appealing. I'm going to have to look back on that sentence in 2 hours and see if it made any sentence. I apologize, I have yet to have my coffee. Whatever, this dress has pockets and it's not totally ugly. Shoshanna one shoulder dress, $320


Casey said...

The third dress is my absolute favorite, though I understand about the whole height issue.
The last one is nice, too. I'm really digging the one shoulder.

Ally said...

What college will you be attending next year>

Leith said...

Here's a hint, it's in Manhattan and it's my top choice.

Anonymous said...