Tuesday, October 28, 2008

And it'll be Wonderful

Something about cold weather brings out the Cher in me and I start to adore fringe and ruffles.
Over the summer I stopped into the 3.1 Phillip Lim store in Soho and nearly died. And even though I may have the sense of humor of an idiotic frat boy I have a weakness for the girliest of dresses. Besides, this orange punches it up a bit. $695
Does this dress not scream New Year's Eve party? Okay, it actually screams birthday party but, as you may well know, my birthday is December 31. Whatever, white is awesome and people need to wear it more. $695
Pink and ruffly, kind of a disturbing mix of Blair Waldorf and whatever Jennifer Love Hewitt's character's name is on The Ghost Whisperer. Let's pretend that I've never watched that show. Or not, she has some cute clothes on it and that's the main appeal. But I promise I haven't watched it in about 2 years, is it even on any more? $98

These are perfection, so let's not even bother with whatever sad-o comments I have. $135

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