Sunday, October 5, 2008

Heaven Looks a Lot Like San Francisco

My proctor at the SATs yesterday looked like Allen Ginsberg, so how about a little poem by Carlo Marx himself?

I'm happy, Kerouac, your madman Allen's
finally made it: discovered a new young cat,
and my imagination of an eternal boy
walks on the streets of San Francisco,
handsome, and meets me in cafeterias
and loves me. Ah don't think I'm sickening.
You're angry at me. For all of my lovers?
It's hard to eat shit, without having visions;
when they have eyes for me it's like Heaven.

SF 1955

1 comment:

Isabel said...

Ginsberg is a pretty cool cat, I must admit. That being said, 'On the Road' was just about the worst/most overrated book I have ever read, hand down.