Wednesday, December 10, 2008

In the Pink

The economy sucks, so here are some recession minded pieces for all of us that want to look good during the holidays (okay and so I'm kind of benefiting from the economy because I'm working extra hours for all the promotional stuff my bosses are doing, but 5 more hours at minimum wage all while saving for college does not a billionaire make).
I bought this fro New Year's Eve because a) it's my birthday b) the dress looks fab on me c) black can withstand whatever New Year's Eve debauchery get's...launched it's way d) H&M is not Forever 21 so it will last longer than one week. $49.90 from H&M

I've been wearing tights so much that having all that elastic on my belly is really starting to hurt. So, here come the thigh highs to the rescue. $10 from Nordstrom's
I have about 300 colorful mini skirts that for some reason always get worn with either a black turtleneck or a black American Apparel t-shirt. That's kind of depressing. See by ChloƩ miniskirt, $245

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