Thursday, February 19, 2009

My Hair Will Shine Like the Sea

I'm sitting here still in my bathrobe and watching Millionaire Matchmaker (which, by the way, is far more terrifying than any other show on television)and I'm feeling mighty comfortable so here are some flats. A far cry from the high high heels I've been wearing lately and maybe some models could use them too...
I will always love a nice pointed toe, especially when paired with straight jeans. Aaah Marni. Leather ballet flats, $530

Pink satin! The girliest of girly, and I love it. Fairy Tales Are True satin flats, $34
Perfect for when it's warm but God knows you shouldn't wear shorts and all your skirts are in the laundry. Also just totally fab. Chloe patent leather flats, $470

Classic and on sale. Iyana flats, $85


ceiling fan in my spoon said...

I definitely have the pink ones...except in like a teal blue, they're amazing!!

dressfox said...

I love the pink satin ones!