Wednesday, February 4, 2009

No Colors Anymore

Monday night's Gossip Girl made a friend and me realize that we NEED brightly colored coats. Enjoy.
I think my friend actually is getting this one. Vintage tent coat, $68
In my fantasy world I'm Blair. Sort of. My explanation for needing a red coat was as follows" I've always looked good in red. It compliments my dark hair and Snow White qualities." Besides, a military coat is far more appropriate for inspiring the troops than your average pea coat. Vintage Military Coat, $148
Lambswool and it's on sale (40% off). George Simonton fold over coat, $139.90
Gawker pointed out that the mister costume designers put Nelli in a yellow coat on Monday night. Oh how terrible. But it made me imagine Eric Daman is part of the gang on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia which then led to a wonderful mash-up of those two shows. yellow Alice + Olivia coat, $505


Bonnie Klyde said...

I have been wearing colored wool coats since the seventh grade. Seriously they make your whole winter way brighter.


PS I love the vintage finds they're absolute gems!

Kerri said...

I used to have a red wool winter coat from like 7th grade to freshman year. I loved it!