Thursday, March 12, 2009

Todays Purchases

Pink, and basically the best tweezers out there. Tweezerman tweezers, $20
My usual mascara. I love it and will never ever stop. Okay, I actually love YSL more but I only use it when I have a Norwegian to "borrow" it from. Not that I condone stealing or anything. We always gave it back. Benefit BADgal lash, $20
So technically I didn't buy these today but they did come in the mail today. I used to have some wonderful sunglasses that I bought on a cruise ship in Australia but in a fit I stepped on them, it was sad. Greta glasses, $9.99

Of course, the make-up bag I bought from J.Crew is nowhere to be found and I'm far too tired to take pictures of it.

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