Saturday, March 7, 2009

Welcome to the Future

We had five inches of snow last week.
Last night I went out in an American Apparel skirt, a Ralph Lauren blouse, and 90s Prada shoes. Note the absence of tights. I can not decide if I like this or if I am absolutely terrified. Of course, at the party that I went to half of the girls were wearing shiny American Apparel leggings and Uggs but that's totally unimportant.
What is important is that this nice weather reminds me that June is coming soon, and with June comes graduation. Yes, I have my dress already. I'll be sitting out in the scorching heat on a big black stage with giant sunglasses, a big black sunhat, black heels, and my long long pearls. Oooh the excitement. See by Chloe dress, $340

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Bonnie Klyde said...

I found the most beautiful vintage white dress at my favorite consigment shop yesterday and when I tried it on I thought "this is my graduation dress" then I remembered I am only a junior. Your outfit sounds so amazing take pictures please!