Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I Will Kill Our Cleaning Ladies for Hiding my Allergy Meds

Every time that I get a paycheck I update my Net-a-Porter wish list because...why not? Here are some favorites that I think everyone should have. Or you know, drool over.
If there was a Party Girl remake Mary would wear this during her days at the library. With Christian Louboutin Rodita platforms, of course. And there would be sly jokes about The City that only freaks like me would get (did you watch The City? It was unrealistic and insane but it made me miss New York like no other, thank God I'm going back in the fall). Fendi silk crepe de Chine dress, $2,020
Mint green and short sounds kind of...insane. But I've always been attracted to the nutcases of this world. If I were on top of my game I'd quote Jack Kerouac right here but I've spent the better part of my day watching reality television and I like the moronic streak that I'm going on today. Besides, tomorrow I'll be legally an adult and I'd rather hold onto my childlike stupidity for as long as I can. Green is an appropriate color to wear when suffering from Peter Pan Syndrome. 3.1 Phillip Lim mini dress, $295
These are adorable and I love them but, I believe in hard living (okay I just always wind up taking photographs of graffiti in various dirty alleys) and they would wind up black after 2 days of being worn. Satin and I love each other very much, but it will never work out. Maloles satin flats, $290

Short, pleated, ruffles, it's fun! It's Marc by Marc Jacobs, what more could I ask for? Marc georgette dress, $360

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