Friday, February 6, 2009

Not So Much a Secret

"...Your last post featured several vintage coats. I wanted to know where you find your vintage. I would love to incorporate more of it in my own posts but I don't own a digital camera so I can't take pictures of what I find on the street.
Thanks for all of the advice over the last few years. Keep inspiring!
Peace, love, and a warm day glow wool coat"

I really like Nasty Gal Vintage. I've gotten a fabulous clutch there and they always have really cool stuff like old YSL blouses and crazy bandage dresses. A friend of mine has used Bleubird Vintage before, I haven't bought anything there but I like their selection. One of my favorite vintage stores in Georgetown is Annie Creamcheese and they just recently opened an online store. Also (and this bit I forgot to mention in my e-mail reply to Bonnie) my favorite place to get vintage HANDS DOWN is my grandmother. Because of her I have Versace jeans, a fur trimmed plaid jacket, and countless waist belts.

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