Sunday, February 8, 2009


Apparently McDonald's is going to bet the official coffee of Fashion Week.
This greatly disturbs me. Yes, it's probably just the elitist snob in the depths of my soul (okay, my snobbishness is not shy) but McDonald's is not chic. I love coffee too. The main reason why I was so excited for senior privileges was so that I could go and get coffee before statistics each day.
This is just promoting a brand that produces terrible, unhealthy food (according to consumer reports the coffee is good, but that is not important as it is basically impossible to go into that place and only get coffee). The pairing of a company that produces (some would claim) obesity and an industry that promotes (some would claim) eating disorders is a juxtaposition that makes the mind boggle.
I'm going to go cry now.
via Gawker

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